• James Hewlett

Sunday Night

I really enjoy the little routine I’ve got more often than not on Sunday evenings. I’ll have had a chilled out afternoon and then watch the first half of the Colts game or NFL Redzone.

At halftime, or depending on what I’m cooking, I’ll start getting food prep done and then cook while watching the rest of the game on my tablet in the kitchen. That timing lines up nicely with my friend finishing work so I’ll go over there, eat whatever it is I’ve cooked, today it’s my famous pad thai, while we watch some silly videos or something else to make us laugh.

It’s a really solid way to finish the week off.

I like it going out on a positive even if the rest of the week has been potentially crap. It feels like a refresh so they going into Monday morning there is nothing but potential good things.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to eat! Peace.

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