• James Hewlett

Sunday Sun

It is a beautiful day out today. It’s bright, it’s warm… it’s perfect barbecue weather. If only we weren’t in the midst of a global pandemic and my original plan to have friends round to hang out for my birthday weren’t scuttled. Oh well, better to make the most of what we can do rather than lament what we can’t, and on that note this morning I decided to take a nice walk as my cardio for the day instead of riding the exercise bike. I’m glad I went when I did as although there were a few people about, all of whom were keeping a respectful and responsible distance from other walkers, I can only imagine it being busier out as the day rolled on.

When I got back I got my weights in as well so that I had knocked my exercise out before really starting my day.

That said, I’ve tried to not really do too much today. I’ve taken advantage of the weather and sat outside for a while, reading some comics and writing this post. I had plenty of leftovers from the enchiladas I cooked last night, so I didn’t need to think about lunch. I also half watched last nights Wrestlemania event, though I can’t say I paid it much attention as I wasn’t really interested in anything that was going on and the few times I did look up I couldn’t help but be distracted by the fact that this is meant to be in an eighty thousand plus seater stadium but they decided to plough ahead and host it on an empty set in their performance centre. It’s like having the Super Bowl in an empty training ground, it’s dumb and I can’t figure out why on earth they decided to do it.

I did do one productive thing, despite my best efforts, I disassembled the bed in the spare room ready to take to the dump just as soon as I can. Once thats out of there I can crack on with turning that room into a proper work out and creative space.

Thats it, thats been my day. It’s been very relaxed, I’ve had some nice chill lo-fi music playing almost all day and I even got dressed and made myself feel presentable this afternoon too despite not going anywhere or doing anything. I’ve got to say, it’s a nice feeling at the moment knowing I don’t have an alarm waking me up tomorrow morning. We’ll see how long that feeling lasts!


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