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Sunday Update

I think I may have done even less today than I did yesterday.

I’m currently watching the Colts blow a fourth quarter lead and potentially going to overtime, but I’m also losing in one of the play off games I have a fantasy team in. I’ve been dominant in that league this year and to go out in the first round would suck. At least I’m winning the other one though.

I’ve played through a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 today. Sure the game is not perfect, it’s got its bugs and definitely would play a lot better on one of the newer consoles, but I really am not experiencing all the issues other people seem to be. I’m having a ton of fun with it and find myself enjoying doing side quests and immersing myself in the world as much as I am progressing through the main campaign.

I’ve been catching up on the Netflix series Big Mouth too. I dropped off of it last season for some reason. Not because I wasn’t enjoying it, I think it was just something I didn’t feel the urge to keep watching. Normally when that happens it’s the death nail for me and a show but I decided to just drive into this latest season and I’m really enjoying it. It’s crass, it’s vulgar, but it’s also really poignant and sweet. I think more than anything it’s a showcase for the writers to do something a little out of their normal wheel house and show their chops.

That’s it, that’s the post for today. Back to work tomorrow for a couple of days. I’m glad it’s a short week.


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