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Super Bowl Party Planning

over host. Always have, always will. It’s a problem, I’m well aware of it but it is who I am and I’ve accepted it.

I hate nothing more than having people over and not having bits and bobs that we all want. 99% of the time it’s me that wants those things and everyone else is chill and doesn’t give a shit, but I like having everything set, I find I can’t relax and enjoy myself unless I’ve done that.

I only have like, four or five people coming over for the Super Bowl this Sunday but it’s one of the few times of the year I like to make a bit of a deal out of it. This evening I went to Costco and then Asda but between the two I think I got everything I wanted to.

I’m not cooking much this year, in the past I’ve smoked a brisket, made pulled pork or lots of other stuff but this year I’ve got some hotdogs that can sit warming in the slow cooker for whenever anyone wants them and I’m making a big pot of chorizo topped queso for everyone’s dipping delight.

I loooove me a good queso and I think I’ve only made it once in the years since being in Austin, the main reason for that is finding the right cheese for it is tricky in the country.

Luckily Asda stock Monterey Jack now so I’ve got all the ingredients to made a nice cheesy, a bit peppery, coriander and chorizo topped dip. Oh and I bought an absurdly large bag of chips, so we won’t have to worry about running out.

Five is just about the perfect of people to watch the big game here at my house, it leaves enough room so that no one feels cramped but there is enough people for a really fun atmosphere. If it’s anything like any other gathering at my house I’m sure we’ll be playing one of the jackbox party packs on the Xbox for a few hours before kick off, making fun of each other and everyone else and being highly offensive in order to raise laughs.

As the game is on so late everyone has Monday off work and I wouldn’t be surprised if most people end up crashing here.

Me being that over hosting person I am even bought plenty of bacon and some part baked rolls so I can wake everyone up with the sweet smell of that in the (late) morning, I’ll undoubtably be awake before most others.

I think I’m pretty set for the weekend now, I’ve done all the chores I normally would already so I can just kick back and relax. It’s a good feeling. I paraphrase Wayne Campbell talking to the ghost of Jim Morrison;

“It’s like getting home from school on a Friday night and getting your homework done right away so that your Saturday night is free to just party.”

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