• James Hewlett

Super Bowl Sunday

I was up at a normal sort of time despite knowing it was going to be a long late night. The only reason for that was so I could get everything in order and start making the food I was doing without rushing.

I’m not even going to talk about the night itself, it was amazing! Easily the best super bowl is recent memory, not just because the game was fantastic and exciting from start to finish but because the company, atmosphere and energy in the room was perfect.

We spent a few hours shooting the shit, playing jackbox game’s and showing each other dumb videos online, all the while eating the queso I made earlier. I’m not one to brag but, damn, I nailed that! It was delicious.

I’ve already written more than I was expecting to so I’m going to shut up and let these few pictures tell the rest of the story. These people are the fucking best, I love them all.

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