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Sure Shot

Whenever I watch anything recently I think to myself, “Oh this will be nice, I don’t have anything to say in on it and can just enjoy a good piece of media.”

Maybe that’s just not how I’m wired, maybe I’ve been doing this so long that writing about shit is just habitual to me now and maybe it’s just a case of me having a dope ass taste in the things I consume and feel a need to share them with the few people who give a shit enough to check this on the reg.

I’m going to copypasta a message I sent to Ed as I was finishing up this two hour movie and then I’ll either elaborate or peace out depending on how I’m feeling when it comes to putting this out because at the time of typing this I’ve had plenty of gin and tonic and am ready to sleep.

“I’ve always enjoyed beastie boys a lot, but I would never have considered myself a die hard beastie boys guy. I don’t know deep album cuts or anything like that. Watching this doc though is illuminating and hits me, I think they’ve had a much bigger influence, even if it’s tangentially, than I thought because so many or their present day mannerisms, inflections, lingo, style or ways of holding themselves feels oh so familiar.

I think it comes from being a punk rock outsider white kid who also had a mad love of hip hop and rap. That weirdo cross contamination that happened a few times across a few decades in specific spots. Never trying to be something you weren’t but embracing how weird, mixed and at the time seemingly unique your influences are. Getting mocked and ostracised for it a lot of the time but not giving a fuck and just carrying on enjoying what you enjoy with the small group of likeminded weirdos.

They hit that in the mid to late eighties and got famous off it and adapted throughout their career to what was right for them. I had a similar approach in the late nineties/early two thousands and the successful crossover music of the time was nu metal. Kids since and today probably have their version that I care not for. It’s cool though. I fucking love Beastie Boys for it. And I just partially wrote tomorrow’s blog post. Awesome.”

I went to a catholic school, at the time that meant it was all boys, all from catholic families. I think I was on one of the first few years of joining that secondary school, years seven through eleven or age 11/12 through 15/16, that had a lot of...

(That’s as far as I got last night while writing)

Ya know what, I can’t be bothered to write about that stuff now. I hit the point I wanted to with that message and anything else would just be going into more and often redundant detail and I don’t fancy doing that today. Maybe I’ll do that another time though.

Went for a nice drive this afternoon, windows down, music up, it was lovely!


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