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I totally wasn’t planning on being at the bar this evening, but it’s five thirty and here I am! Ya know, if I was drinking I’d feel like a real boozehound, I’m the only person here other than the two members of staff. The reason I’m here though is that I finished work early and got my work out done as soon as I got home. I did have some plans for later on but as of writing this thats a little up in the air. Instead of turning around and heading home though I thought, fuck it, I can go and enjoy some alcohol free beers for a couple of hours, get some writing done and not have to worry about being over the limit to drive. It’s pretty cool actually. Plus if the plans do come to fruition I’m already around instead of being at home and maybe not wanting to head out.

I’m a few days away from completing my month off of drinking, I’ve only got this weekend to get through and I’ll be all done. I am definitely looking forward to enjoying a nice beer next week, but I think I’m going to carry on the no drinking thing when I’m at home or anywhere other than out at a bar.

I’m not going to lie, there have been a few occasions this month when I’ve been at home and really really wanted to have a drink but I’ve got through, so I don’t see why I can’t continue to do that.

So before I started writing this one I had figured todays post would be up late and just be me buzzing about the new season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia starting. As it stands though I haven’t watched it yet. I’ve got it ready to go though and will be checking it out later on. How a sitcom can keep reinventing itself fourteen years on and not suffering any dip in quality still amazes me. Sunny isn’t made to be liked by everyone, but it is a testament to the loyalty of its fan base that the network don’t just renew it on a season by season basis, they know in advance that they have three or four years each time and are seemingly given pretty much carte blanche when it comes to the creative vision of the show. I find it hard to believe that FX would have spawned a secondary network, FXX, if it hadn’t been for the popularity of Sunny.

I’ve got a couple of other shows to watch later as well, the new season of South Park started and in the ever turbulent political times we live in that show offers some of the most current and cutting commentary of the state of the world.

The last show is an adaptation of a Greg Rucka comic book I really enjoyed when I was still working at the shop, Stumptown. It’s about a P.I. in Portland who is looking after her disabled younger brother and inevitably getting in over her head with the cases she takes on. I really enjoyed the comic, mostly due to Rucka’s sharp dialogue and the outstanding art by Matthew Southworth. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with the adaption with Cobie Smulders and Jake Johnson in lead roles. If it’s worth writing about I’m sure you’ll hear more from me about it in the future.

This has been a bit of a random, ramble of a post, but considering I didn’t think I’d have anything much to write at all today I’m okay with that. What new shows are you checking out this season? I am literally not plugged in to what new stuff is coming out so if there is something you consider to be ‘can’t miss’ then let me know!

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