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Sweating For A New Phone

And to think I didn’t know what I was going to write about today!

I was up early to get half my work out done before taking my car in to the garage. It needed a little something sorting, nothing major thankfully. I presumed it would take a little while so I walked to a friends house and had some breakfast. I was planning on going into town too but my car was done nice and quick so I walked back and got that and headed home to do the rest of my workout.

So at that point, I had smashed out yoga, weights, crunches, the bike and a total of four kilometres walked. Pretty damn good start to the day. I’d closed my 750 calorie goal ring, destroyed my exercise minutes ring and had only beef up for three hours so had plenty of time to get my standing hours done for the day.

I headed back to town and got lunch at Wagamama in west quay as I was going to go get a new phone today.

I’d been using my old one for three years and while I had kept it in pristine condition it was starting to show its age, the battery would die quick, it was a bit slow at times and to be honest, I just wanted some of the new features on the newer models.

I didn’t go for the brand new one though, it’s cool and all but upgrading to last years model is still a big step up from what I was on and saved me a bunch of money too. Plus I’ve done my research and all signs point to next years one being the one to go for so I figured this one will suit for at least a year.

We walked around town for a bit longer before heading home.

Like an excited kid with a new toy I got to setting up my fancy new phone. It’s all so easy these days but it takes a while especially when everything is trying to set up all at once.

In the midst of doing that I unpaired my watch from my old phone and paired it to my new phone, thinking nothing of it.

All my health and activity rings are controlled by my watch. Everything syncs over night...

You can see where I’m going with this can’t you?

All the work and effort I’d put into today... pfft. Gone. I was gutted. Devastated because of a stupid arbitrary thing. I had put a lot of blood sweat and tears into closing all three rings every fucking day since December 17 last year though and I was really really hoping I would be able to achieve a ‘perfect year’ and do it every day in 2019. It has honestly been one of my driving goals and has kept me going in low low times.

I didn’t wallow though. I remembered another activity tracking app I have that has bailed me out before when I’ve forgotten my watch or let the battery die. So I fired that up and was super relieved to see it sync my exercise ring and more importantly at that point my standing hours. The exercise ring is easy to close, just put in half an hours work. The standing hours is tougher to do at six pm as you need a minute standing in twelve different hours. Thankfully it helped me out and gave them back.

That just left my calories. According to my old phone, which had synced before I transferred my watch, I had already burned 1200 off a daily goal of 750 ‘active calories.’ I thought I was done for the day and ready to relax all evening.

But here I am. An hour into riding on my exercise bike.... again. I’ve burned another 500 so only 250 to go.... I. Am. Very. Sweaty.

When I’m eventually done here I am going to go and relax in a long bath and then probably fall the fuck asleep.

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