• James Hewlett

Switched Off

I’ve had a complete switch off day today. I’ve needed it. Ed left fairly early and where my arm is still quite tender I didn’t feel like lifting or doing and core exercises so I did double my usual time on the exercise bike to make up for it while watching the last hour and change of the wrestling event from last night.

I’ve also been using duolingo for the past week to learn Spanish, just a little bit each day. I think it’s by design with that app but I have definitely gameified the process and it is making learning a new language fun for me. That’s something I never ever found at school.

I’m enjoying learning Spanish and have dabbled in just very very basics of Hawaiian too, just because I enjoy that language more than anything.

I unwound and had a nice soak in a bath after my work out, making sure to keep my arm out of the tub of course. By this point it was gone lunch time so I cooked up one of my hello fresh meals, a roasted butternut squash curry. It was bloody delicious. I saved the other half for this evening to reheat and it was just as good.

I’ve enjoyed the vegetarian meals I’ve cooked just as much as the ones with meat. It’s been a really nice mix.

I did a bit of clean up and tidying of the house after lunch but to be fair to the guys there wasn’t much they needed doing as everyone kind of tidied up after themselves as we were leaving yesterday anyway.

The rest of the afternoon and evening has just been spent unwinding and switching off.

I have a relatively busy week off ahead potentially so I wanted to make sure I had one day of doing very little at least, in case I don’t get another chance!

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