• James Hewlett

Taco Tuesday... Thursday?

I haven’t written about my cooking exploits recently despite having made some lush meals.

I can’t not talk about the tacos I made this evening though; the were super quick and easy to do but really really tasty!

I try to include at least one veggie meal in each Hello Fresh box and this was the one I got last week, they were halloumi, pepper and sweet corn tacos with chipotle mayo.

The fresh veg was a lovely compliment to the spice of the dressing and the pan fried chunks of halloumi were delicious and filling and added a really nice texture to the whole thing.

I want to keep getting Hello Fresh boxes but after next week they should be going back up to full price and I can’t justify that at the moment with everything going on. My plan is to cancel and then hope they offer me another discount to keep me around as a customer. If they do that I’ll keep going longer with it, if not I’ll have to try my hand at remaking some of the recipes I’ve had so far!


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