• James Hewlett

Taking Notes

So after a successful test recording and getting all the equipment up and running yesterday and this morning it’s almost time for us to record our first episode of the new podcast.

I’m super excited, it’s been years since I last had a project like this. I remember last time I started a podcast it was a rough idea then a tipsy tweet on a Friday night that led to it starting. That ran in some form or another for over a hundred episodes and proved to me that not only can I do it but that I enjoy doing it too.

In the years since there have been numerous ideas, plans, attempts, missed opportunities and false starts at getting something going again but it has taken a few factors for it come to life; the right people, the right idea, timing and almost as important as any of those other factors, striking while the iron is hot.

I can’t stress enough how big that last one is, this idea that we’ll soon be unveiling is not groundbreaking, it isn’t particularly original and it’s far from high art or media. What it is though, what it will be, is fun!

Once we get started we’ll soon fall into a rhythm of recording and releasing on regularly scheduled days and that is something I’m dead set on, consistency is key with this kind of thing, but I’m glad we’re jumping in quick.

It would be easy to plan out meticulously so many more details before we get started but in doing that the excitement is more likely to fade away and there’s a strong chance we’d never get going.

To be honest it probably isn’t even a quick turn around from concept to production, at least in comparison to some projects, but my basis has been skewed by years of having ideas that didn’t manifest.

The plan is to always have at least one or two episodes in the can so we’re working ahead, nothing we’re talking about deals with current events so it gives us that freedom, that just means that when you do start seeing my promote the everloving shit out of this thing I’ll be promoting episodes recorded early and we’ll likely be improving as we go along.

Now, I’ve got somethings to watch and some notes to make! That’s as much of a tease as you’re going to get.

©2017 by James Hewlett.