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Tasty Food and Gaming Table

I’ve eaten so much tasty food this weekend, and I haven’t even had the Sunday roast that’s planned for tomorrow yet!

I don’t think I’ve been this indulgent since my birthday. Most of it has been by complete chance too, like this afternoon. I was helping my mum and Paul move some stuff out of my grandmas house and on the way back while ducking and weaving through traffic I just happened to mention the route we were going to take would lead us past 7Bone. That mere mention was enough for them so that’s exactly what we did. I think it must have had been a while for them because it seemed almost brand new again, but they agree that those are indeed the tastiest burgers in the world.

It’s nice being able to indulge in lots of tasty eats, I’m sure I’m weighing more now than I was a couple of days ago, but I’m very happy with how I am at the moment and I don’t feel like I need to go extra hard in my work outs just because I’ve had a fat weekend.

I’m super happy with the table I’ve acquired from my grandmas house too, it folds over in the middle so most of the time it will be a still very decently sized square table, but if needed it can open out and be a really big one.

Most people would think, ooh great that’ll be nice for having people over for a big dinner, and while it will make things like thanksgiving and the super bowl easier to host, I’m more excited about having plenty of table space for some of the bigger board games I love to play!

Gloomhaven for instance is a game that, when we get it all completely out and set up, usually takes up the whole table, all of the coffee table and usually a couple of sides or the sofa as well. I’m pretty sure everything will fit out on the table now with it opened out.

I just need to get consistent groups of friends round to actually play some games again!

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