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So if yesterday I got to be all productive building stuff and flexing a little bit of handy man talent that often gets relegated to hanging nerdy art work on my walls, then today I got be helpful and useful in a way that I’m far more accustomed to; I got to do a fair bit of techy fixing and sorting!

I’ve teased a lot recently that I have a new podcast in the works with a few of my closest friends and I’ve also mentioned that my MacBook decided that just when I needed it the most it pulled an ol’ Avatar Aang on me and decided to hide in an iceberg for what feels like a hundred years.

I was determined to not let that hinder the creative drive we’re all feeling at the moment though and ended up with a few options.

Firstly, I’ve dusted off my old iMac that has literally been mothballed for a couple of years since I first got my laptop.

It may be old, it may not look like much anymore but just like the Millennium Falcon over the years I had made a lot of special modifications and upgrades when needed and she’s still got it where it counts. I’m certainly not going to be doing any multitasking or heavy lifting with it, but for the time being it should do for recording the first few episodes.

The other option I have is thanks to my mum and Paul generously donating an old iMac they also have sat gathering dust. I’m going to pick it up tomorrow but I’m pretty sure it’s just a little older than my one but more powerful, so I may switch to that one. Either way it will be very handy to be able to have both running as I can lighten the individual load on each of the old girls to save from breaking their backs.

My friend Rae, who I helped with all the bits and pieces in the garden yesterday and is joining Ed, Mitchell and myself on the podcast also had an old iMac donated to her at the end of last year to help her with some studies she has coming up.

We thought it was older than my one and not able to run much of the software required for the show but after doing a little detective work and some downloading and transferring of files I not only discovered it’s actually newer and more powerful than my old one, but that I’m able to get plenty of adequate stuff installed to made it more than viable for everything it would be needed for.

The biggest problem was finding older versions of software that will run as opposed to the latest which is optimised for newer operating systems. Once I found those, the rest was pretty easy.

It’s felt great to be able to do something productive and feel like I’m helping these last couple of days. I’m pooped but in a really satisfying way!

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day outside so this evening, despite it being absolutely glorious out still, I’m going to continue on with this techy streak I’m on, chill out and play some video games.


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