• James Hewlett


I just finished watching Tenet, or am I about to start watching Tenet? Who knows. That question makes about as much sense as the film itself in that technically it does, but it’s confusing as hell and that’s not the point of asking it. The point is that it’s interesting, intriguing and entertaining.

Every Christopher Nolan movie comes with its own set of expectations; it will be visually stunning, the sound mix will be infuriating, Michael Cane will be in it, the ensemble will be cool as hell and have no right looking as good as they do, you will see things you’ve never seen before and if it’s one of his sci-fi infused films it is bound to confuse on at least the first viewing. This film is all of that dialled way up.

Was the plot cohesive? No, not on a first watch. Did that matter? Not to me.

I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to watching the making of documentary tomorrow. I may even revisit the film later this week, something I don’t do very often these days, because I think it is the sort of film that will pay off in a big way when you have a good idea of what’s going on from the start.

I can see why this one didn’t land with a lot of people and it’s by no means my favourite Nolan movie, but I really enjoyed it and am glad I finally got round to checking it out.

I was planning on copying this post out backwards and posting it below this, but I couldn’t find a tool to do it and the idea of typing it all out again in reverse is making my mind melt, so just go with the knowledge I thought about that.


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