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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

This is my favourite ‘holiday’ of the year. I’m not American and while I understand the history of holiday is somewhat problematic, what it is to me has nothing to do with pilgrims and Native Americans. I love this holiday for the what it represents in terms of coming together with friends and or family and sharing what you are thankful for.

Sure a lot of people do that at Xmas or other events throughout the year but they’re always linked to some religious holiday and that is an instant turn off for me. Even if you’re not religious at all those days are so over blown that it’s oppressive and gross to me.

It would probably be different if I was in the states, but for me here in the UK, a Thursday at the end of November is just a random day for most people but a day I look forward to each and every year.

Non-Denominational holidays are the way to go, this one may be typically region locked but it’s a good start!

The fact that there is usually lots of great food and always lots of NFL is a bonus but not essential.

Take this year for instance; I’ve been at work today so didn’t cook anything. I also hadn’t arranged anything so while I am just celebrating it by myself this evening it doesn’t change my feelings on the day.

I’ve decided I’m having a low-key/no-key xmas this year. I’m not swearing it off all together like my brother has done for years, but this year I don’t want to do anything for it.

I know this is disappointing to a couple of family members and for that I’m sorry, but it’s the first year I’ve been single for Xmas and I really don’t feel like being around people who are trying to have a good time.

My plan is to have a very chilled out day by myself and then maybe see a friend in the evening who’s doing similar.

But back to today! What are you thankful for? It can be anything, big or small. Like for instance I’m thankful for the couple of friends I can rely on at all times even when I feel like there’s not too many around locally and the one who is closer and always makes me smile.

I’m also thankful for the fact that there isn’t long to wait until the new Star Wars movie because seeing ads for it throughout this NFL game is getting me super hyped!

Have a think about what you are thankful for, and keep a hold of that thought for the rest of today. Hopefully it’ll bring a smile to your face or keep one there.

Have a great day.

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