• James Hewlett

Thanksgiving 2020

Feels like a weird year to be celebrating doesn’t it?

I love thanksgiving though, it’s become my favourite holiday and one I look forward to way more than xmas. I feel like, for those of us who don’t have it forced upon us but choose to enjoy it, it ticks the same boxes that xmas does for those who enjoy that day.

I had originally planned to have my closest friends round for thanksgiving dinner, games and watching the traditional NFL games today but that obviously went out the window. I was pretty bummed out about it when I realised but this week I’ve tried not to let it get to me. There’s enough other shit going on up there without having that rattling me too.

I decided that, fuck it, I’m still going to do a feast even if it’s just for myself so this afternoon I cooked turkey, a glazed ham, sweet potato & marshmallow mash, a ton of stuffing and some roast veg and had as close an approximation of a thanksgiving dinner as I could justify. I have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow too, enough for a whole other dinner and probably some sandwiches too. I made sure to buy a nice sourdough loaf for that!

I had a good time doing it. It wasn’t as nice as it would have been having everyone do a dish to contribute and hang out together, but I enjoyed it. Now it’s time to head to bed. I’ve got tomorrow off as I was planning on a late and probably quite drunk one, but I’m grateful I do because it’s shaping up to be a mega important episode of The Mandalorian and I need to watch it at least a few times as my guest spot on a podcast has been bumped up for this episode!

I have spoken.


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