• James Hewlett

That Can Wait

Yesterday I went way longer than I intended. I got into bed and figured I’d knock out a quick five minute post as I knew the topic. I should have known better though, it’s not a topic that should be brushed over quickly and I’m proud of what I wrote.

I actually have another post planned, I was going to write it today but I’ll be totally honest, I kind of just want to go back to reading this script instead... it relates.

The post might end up being short, or I could go long with it, either way I want to give it all the time and mental energy it deserves and tonight I’m feeling too distracted to commit to that so I’m going to hold off and tentatively say I’ll do it tomorrow.

So today, what am I going to write today? Erm, so bars and places are opening back up. I guess the decision makers haven’t bothered looking at how that went in California, Florida, Texas and other similar places that are experiencing fresh spikes.

Fuck it though right, people are expendable and if soccer is back they may as well let people go get a pint.

Urgh. I’m very conflicted about it honestly. I’m looking forward to going and having chicken wings with Teesh soon and hopefully seeing Mitchell in person too. But I just still can’t decide if I think it’s a good idea? Will it ever be a good idea though!? I don’t have answers.

I might think differently if I was drinking again.

Over two months sober now though, that’s a new record.

My chillis are growing strong!

I need a haircut.


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