• James Hewlett

That’s A Wrap - 2020

It’s the end of 2020. I’m sure everyone is talking about what a shit year it was and while that’s completely true, it was also an extremely divided year for me personally. I actually really enjoyed about half of it in spite of everything else going on in the world. This is my rapid fire list of my year in no particular order.

This year I;

Went to the cinema on New Year’s Day and haven’t been back.

Got some tattoos for help raise money for the Aussy wildfires... when we thought that was as bad as it was going to get.

Gave blood for the first time.

Delayed a trip to Austin, twice.

Played a lot of Uno online.

Started a podcast with two of my best friends.

Started recording another one too that’s yet to be released.

Turned my spare bedroom into my home gym and recording area.

Discovered and embraced the term ‘hopepunk.’

Sat in a queue for the dump for two and half hours. It was so much fun.

Had more sex in one day than I had between 2016 and 2018 combined.

Went to just one pro wrestling event but had a lot of fun.

Caught an early strain of covid-19 and was really sick for nearly a month.

Was in a relationship for about six months though neither of us admitted so.

Got a new job that starts January 1st 2021.

Was furloughed for three months.

Had the best tan of my life for those three months.

Had the same bit of my car stolen twice.

Build a weirdly large amount of garden furniture but not for my garden.

Admitted some stuff to myself and others.

Felt very alone and discarded.

Bought and hung a bunch of new art.

Got a load of new tattoos as soon as I could after the first lockdown.

Listened to Because The Internet. A lot.

Fell out with my brother again and didn’t speak for eight months.

Loosely started a comedy group/production collective.

Stood up for what I believe.

Educated myself in areas I was ignorant.

Continued wearing trucker hats.

Read scripts online with my friends.

Tore the sleeves off many old t-shirts.

Was walked in on having sex with someone I had only met a couple of hours earlier.

Got extremely sad at learning people I admired were utter scumbags.

Made friends with the hedgehog who frequented my garden.

Continued to grow as a person.

Had another perfect year of exercise save for while I was laid up with covid.

Continued to be in love.

Felt inspired and helpless in equal measure.

Helped some friends with their mental health when I was in a position to do so.

Played a lot more solo tabletop games.

Took three straight months off drinking and had five months total sober.

Hoped that things would get better.


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