• James Hewlett

The Amazing Race

I don’t watch much, if any, network tv these days. It’s dwindled every year for the last few and I’m now down to not really watching anything.

With one exception and I didn’t even realise it was back because I’m not checking for releases like I used to.

The Amazing Race is absolutely my guilty pleasure show. It’s a dumb reality travel competition with challenges, manufactured drama and editing designed to heighten the tension.

It’s also really fun and shows off some really cool locales.

I’ve talked about it before but I got back into it a few years ago when Burnie and Ashley from Rooster Teeth were competitors and have kept watching since.

I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I checked and noticed the latest season was five episodes in already, so I’ve been catching up.

It’s been the right kind of show for me this weekend, not a thinker or something I’m totally invested in by any stretch, just something I can throw on, get out of my own head and make me smile for forty minutes.


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