• James Hewlett

The Best Day

They come unexpectedly and out of no where don’t they?

Today has been my favourite day since lockdown began, not for any one particular reason, I’ve just enjoyed every bit of it.

I was up early as I needed to take my car into the garage to get a bit of welding done. I had hoped that it would be a quick and easy fix and was very pleased a few hours later when those hopes were confirmed.

The garage I’ve been using recently is handy for a couple of reasons, despite doing everything they’re listed as a Toyota specialist and never have any issues working on a hybrid like some places do. They also happen to be round the corner from my friends place so I have somewhere to hang out while it’s being sorted.

We went for a wander and she picked up a few bits and pieces of kids furniture and fun stuff for the garden so even after my car was sorted we spent the afternoon building those bits. That led to a trip to B&Q and by the end of the day we’d pretty much transformed her whole garden! It was pretty awesome.

Oh and we were babysitting the neighbours pup for a while too so being able to get some play time with a dog is always good.

I think that played a big part as to why it was such a good day; I wasn’t at work, but I was busy throughout. Up and out early, little bit of sitting and relaxing in the sun then a walk, a drive and construction of stuff outside. I didn’t work out at all but I still closed all my activity rings and probably burnt more than some of the days I’ve spent at home even when I’ve exercised.

Something about the day just had an air of normality to it and we both said at a couple of different points that it’s the first day the thoughts of being in the midst of a global pandemic haven’t been prevalent throughout.

More of the same please!


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