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The Best Medicine

For the last couple of days my right ankle has been really achy. You know the kind of dull ache that lingers for a while after you roll your ankle? That kind. Nothing debilitating, just irritating and sore in certain positions. I wouldn’t mind so much if I had rolled it, but I haven’t to my knowledge. I blame getting old and it being cold out.

Yesterday I decided to have a fairly relaxed evening of exercise, I did my half an hour on the bike but that was all.

It has been refreshing allowing myself to do that when I want to this year even if I haven’t often and there couple of times I have it has felt weird.

Tonight was my scheduled yoga night, meaning that would be the first part of my work out routine. I considered just doing a light, restorative practice but decided, fuck it, I’d do a full practice and see how I held up. It feels like I’ve been slacking a little bit recently even though if I actually looked at what I’d done it wouldn’t be the case.

My ankle was really killing me at first, I felt weak and unsteady in many of the poses I normally have no problem with but I breathed through it and focused my attention on that instead of the pain I was feeling. By halfway through I was still a bit wobblier than before but not nearly as bad. I also felt good about doing it, all of the lazy energy I had felt from having an evening of essentially hanging out on the sofa yesterday faded away and I was energised to do the rest of my work out. It’s a really strange feeling that that has just become a part of my routine when I get home from work. I like it.

It’s not a new way of thinking, and anyone who does exercise regularly will say, “Duh,” but working out daily really, if it was a pill would be considered a wonder drug. I feel better physically that I ever have before in my life and really like knowing that even when I have a sniffle, ache or pain, in all likelihood it’ll pass or at least be dulled after a day or two if I keep up with my exercise. That said I like that I have taken the pressure off myself to make sure I absolutely must do everything every day… I’m yet to miss a day, but if and when I do, I won’t beat myself up about it.

I’m just waiting on Rutter & Liv to turn up so we can eat some chicken wings and catch up, nice bit of mid week socialising! Come back tomorrow to see what I babble on about then. Later.

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