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The Boiz Are Back

Mitchell, Ed and I, The Lonely Boiz, recorded our season one season finale episode of the podcast this evening.

Well, the episode relating to the season one finale of Boy Meets World anyway. We actually have a couple of wrap up episodes for the podcast before we get started with the second season of the show.

It’s the first time we’ve recorded since the beginning of December as a group. We’ve socialised online together, Ed and I have recorded episodes of our other project, but we haven’t done Lonely Boiz Meets World in a hot minute.

I’ve missed it and really enjoyed the recording. Even after an extended break we haven’t missed a beat and still bounce of each other really well. We’ve also gotten better about talking about the show too.

Hopefully soon we’ll get back some normalcy and a regular recording schedule. We can’t use covid as an excuse for this. The show has only ever existed in covid times, but our personal and professional lives have been all over the place and it’s taken it’s toll on all of ours mental health. Personally, I’m in a pretty alright place at the moment and I think doing the show is a help to all of us so I want to keep pushing to record on a regular basis.


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