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Like I haven’t written enough good things about The Expanse lately!

So as I’m want to do with everything I’m passion about I’ve been listening to an Expanse podcast for as long as there have been any, I think The Churn started up around season two of the show, so what’s that, three or four years ago?

I was, by that time, up to date with the novels and deeply invested in the world and just itching for more. I don’t often listen to ‘official’ podcasts of things as they tend to be a bit more fluffy and just a form of promotion (with a few notable exceptions) so I stick to those produced by independent sources or news outlets I like. You get more of a conversation and they don’t shy away from being critical when it’s appropriate.

At the time there wasn’t anything like this that I could find for The Expanse though so I checked out The Churn which is produced by SyFy Wire, the news site subsidiary of the SyFy network who were the distributors of the show for its first three seasons.

That placed the podcast in an interesting position of having all the contacts necessary to have frequent guests such as the cast and creators on, but they also provided a fun and often light hearted recap and discussion of each episode. The podcast only ran along side the season of the tv show and focused primarily on that.

When SyFy didn’t pick up the show for its fourth season and it was subsequently saved by Amazon I presumed the podcast was dead because of its affiliation with the network. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised over the summer when a new episode popped up in my feed from San Diego Comic Con with one of the hosts talking to the cast about coming back while also introducing the person who would be taking over the role of leading the podcast going forward.

I was pleased to see new episodes come out last week in anticipation of the new season. It was clear from the start the podcast was going to have a bigger change than the show itself and it feels like it has matured.

The first three new episodes recapped the first three seasons but did so while relating them to specific topics. That allowed the hosts to really dig deep into some of the more prescient issues in the show and I found myself clamouring for a new episode to drop.

This week, despite the series all being released and according to the figures published today, doing extremely well on Amazon, the podcast has released a number of episodes each interviewing a cast member or writer. These having been pandering or junket style interviews either, the questions asked have been very well thought out and relevant to each actor and character and the cast, who I already knew were passionate about the show/books and whip smart from previous interviews, have come of fantastically well.

I’m really happy to see this podcast evolve, grow and mature along with my favourite show on tv. I enjoyed the old iteration but this new one has jumped to the top of my listening order whenever a new episode comes out. I’m looking forward to the episode by episode recaps coming soon and to see... hear whatever they have planned going forward.

Oh. And I’m going to see a mother fucking Star Wars right now y’all! Peace!

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