• James Hewlett

The Day After

Normally the Monday after the super bowl is a hang over filled groggy day, but despite having a couple of beers last night none of us really didn’t drank that much of anything at all so that wasn’t an issue at all.

It was lovely not being woken up by an alarm and I managed to sleep a little later than I would have had I been in work today, but I was still up fairly early.

I was good an got my work out done as soon as I got up, that set me up for the day and felt good.

I made some breakfast for the people that were still here and then they started to head out. I was kind of tidying as I went yesterday evening so it didn’t take long to clean up the house once the guys had gone. I was totally done with everything I needed to do by half eleven leaving me with the whole day to just chill out, relax and enjoy a rare day off with time to kick back and read comics.

Even now I’ve got these two posts written before I normally would and the biggest decision I’ve got to make is what movie or tv show to watch this evening!

And on that note, hasta luego.

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