• James Hewlett

The Good and The Bad

I’ve just finished watching a fun Colts game, picking up a good win over divisional rival Houston Texans, so that’s a pretty good capper to the weekend.

Ed and I recorded a first episode of a new podcast project today too. It’s not something we’ll be putting out for a while as we’re going to bank up a load of episodes so we can be really consistent with releasing them, but it’s a lot of fun talking about Star Wars and that’s what we’re doing!

Other than that I’ve not really done a whole lot today. Work managed to piss me off royally, but that’s either a topic for another time or not at all. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

I kind of feel done with today and want to go to bed, but I know that doing that just brings me closer to going back to work as well so it’s making me not want to. I hate that feeling. Until recently it had been a very long time since I had it but now it’s pretty much daily.

Fuck it, I’m going to go to bed anyway.

I’ll be back tomorrow...


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