• James Hewlett

The Gout Strikes Back

I haven’t had a gout attack in two years! Sure there’s been the odd twinge and a little ache but the difference between that and full blown attack is a distinction I feel confidence in making.

I’ve got very good at dealing with it since my last, and most major attack. My diet is generally better, I’m exercising daily and I know what to avoid and if I do partake in something I know is going to trigger a flare up I’ll take one of my strong meds as a precaution.

That’s why this morning when I woke up and went, “Ow! Mother fucker!” It was because I knew exactly what it was.

The annoying part is that I haven’t had any of my typical vices that I have to look out for; I haven’t had a drink in nearly two weeks, I haven’t had a single barbecue this year and haven’t had any red meat in ages and I haven’t had any shellfish or other seafood.

The only difference in my diet that I’ve noticed and I do think is to blame is the amount of Pepsi Max I’ve been drinking.

Normally, in a pre-pandemic world, I’ll be drinking water all day every day and then maybe have a glass or two of a diet soft drink in the evening.

Lately though I have been at home the majority of the time and a nice cold glass of Pepsi Max has been my go-to to hit the spot most of the time.

Having identified that as the most likely source of this attack, which I should note is minor in comparison to ones I’ve had in the past, I’ve been able to get on top of it fairly quick. I’m drinking a shit ton of water which is in turn flushing my system out and making me pee loads, not great while I’m sat in the line waiting to get into the dump but good for me in the long run.

I also made damn sure I did my full work out this morning. It would have been easy to use it as an excuse to not do anything or a truncated version but getting the fluids moving and circulation going is good and a bit of pain in my toe isn’t enough to justify me not doing it. The only tuning I didn’t do was any planks or push ups that would require me to actually be on my toes.

The final step I am taking is to keep dosed up on my strong gout medication throughout the day and if needs be tomorrow.

I can already feel a massive difference from when I woke up and I think if I keep up like this it should have alleviated by Monday at the latest.


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