• James Hewlett

The Grand Reopening

So today was the day most of this country reopened. Well, retail did at least.

By the looks of things it was pretty gross with long lines outside stores first thing this morning. I guess people are just they desperate for their cheap clothing from Primark.

I’ve been out of retail for six years at this point and I don’t think I’ve ever been more grateful than I am today.

I messaged Teesh to see how it was back at the shop I used to work at and by the sounds of things people were mostly understanding, even if they were a bit dismissive of the safety instructions.

I think that would be the thing that would get to me the most. The customers we got at that shop were a particular bunch. Ninety percent were perfectly fine but the other ten really dragged the average down.

Hygiene wasn’t their strong point in regular times, they would love to touch everything and courtesies like personal space were foreign concepts to many of them.

So while the rudeness I’d be fine with the health and safety issues those kinds of customers would really be a concern for me if I was still there.

I am planning to pop into town at some point this week, but I’m not going to bother with anywhere that is busy and it is mostly out of curiosity more than anything else. Until the Apple Store reopens I don’t have any need for anything in town, and as much as I could do with them opening up soon, I’m pleased with their decision to not rush back into business.

On a more fun note, the podcast feed for Lonely Boiz Meets World is now love on all the major platforms. Apple Podcasts and Spotify are the big ones for us, so if you would, go subscribe and leave us a nice rating and review as it really helps push us to home pages and into peoples recommends which is the best way for us to grow.

The first proper episode is ready to go and will be up later in the week. Two more are already recorded and the fourth will be getting done this week too.


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