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The Midnight

I’m just on my way up to London at the moment, I decided to get the train up as it’s only me going and the cost is about the same doing it that way and driving. Plus, to be honest I just didn’t really fancy sitting on the boring ass M3.

The gig tonight is at The Roundhouse in Camden, an awesome venue I’ve not been to in many years. I’m looking forward to it a lot.

I would have been a bit bummed out about going to this show by myself but I had a really good time at the last one I did solo and The Midnight are a band that I don’t think anyone I know really loves as much as me. Maybe Ed, he was meant to be coming but the film he’s working on at the moment just ramped you’re production and he wasn’t able to get it sorted so he could start later tonight after the show.

I’m really not too bothered though, if I’m able to sell the ticket outside, great, but I wasn’t going to miss a chance at seeing a band that has very quickly become one of my favourites since discovering them a couple of years ago.

It should be a very different kind of show than I usually go to as well, but I’ll write all about that later when I’m on the train home.

So no, you don’t have to check an entirely separate post to know how it went, that’s what those word below these are!

What an amazing show! Please excuse my brief write up of it. My train home was cancelled and the one I’m currently on was delayed. This is only taking me as far as Winchester too, where I’ll have to get on a damn bus to Southampton central before walking to my car then driving home. Its going to be a late night...

This was the first synth wave type show I’ve ever been to. I been to a ton various rock shows and a fair few rap/hip hop gigs too but there was something about this that felt different. Everyone was just having a good time, singing and dancing along to everything. The Midnight consist of two guys when they’re recording, unless they have a collaborator, but for the love shows those two guys are complimented by two others to make a more full band experience and they’re all amazing.

It’s a unique sound already, very much a throw back style combined modern aesthetics and it really worked.

The Roundhouse on Camden is an awesome venue too, and the biggest they’ve ever played, so I’m sure that added something to it!

I did what I usually do at these things and made friends with the couple stood next to me. They were a ton of fun and I think enjoyed my company as much as I did there’s.

That’s all I’m going to write here. Go check out the band. They’re awesome. I’m fucking tired but thankfully don’t have to be up in the morning! When I do get up though I’m going to be watching the first episode of The Mandalorian and I can’t wait!

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