• James Hewlett

The Sick Saga

I’m done with it, I’m just bored of being sick now. I’m still not healthy, I have no voice, I still feel pretty crappy, but I’m not going to give in to it.

I slept in late today, later than I have in a very long time because, quite frankly, my body let me. Then today I’ve done mundane but needed things to especially reset the scene. My house was beginning to look like a grim scene of someone who has been off work with the flu all week, if you can believe it, so all the shit that was on my bedroom floor went into the laundry, all the laundry from last week I hadn’t touched got put away, an entire kitchens worth the dishes got washed up, random rubbish was put away, all that kind of exciting stuff.

I also was determined to get a work out in, a very very light work out, but something. So I hopped on the exercise bike, kept it to a low torque and had a gentle half an hour ride on there while continuing to watch Lost as I’ve been doing all day.

The last thing on my list of things to do today to actually feel like I’m a bit more on top of my life and not just living under a flu tarp with no chance of escape is posting these blogs.

I’ve been writing them daily but they’ve been short, uninteresting and not exactly worth while of anyones time. Plus I didn’t want people to start either worrying about me or getting bored of this being all I’ve written about this week, so I figured if I just drop them all at once chances are most will get skipped over anyway and thats cool with me.

I’m going into work tomorrow morning, I don’t know if I should, I don’t know if they’ll just send me straight home, but I feel like I need to otherwise I’ll feel like a fraud. It’s stupid, I know, but it’s me and how my brain works. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better in the morning and this whole saga can start to be moved past. I’m so ready for that!

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