• James Hewlett

'The Talent'

I got Stephen Stills added to my arm today, another main character from the Scott Pilgrim series. Every time I get something added to it I think, there’s only room for one more big piece then I’ll get the gaps filled in, but then I get it finished and see more space.

I love how it turned out, the shading and detail work is so great. I really love how this arm is looking.

Today I also did what I said I might, I took a rest day. Sort of, kind of... partially.

Alright so I did everything except my half an hour of cardio on the bike. And yeah, okay, I may have done a couple of extra sets of weights this evening just because.

But taking a day off of the bike for the first time in over a year felt awesome! I never mind doing it, but just having a day off felt nice.

I’ll be back on it tomorrow, including yoga, today was an off day for that anyway so tomorrow will be much more even if I don’t go for a long walk like I’m considering.

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