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The Twenty Tens

What a decade huh? I think I'll probably do more writing about it throughout the month, it actually should make this month pretty good in terms of interesting content as me and every one else compiles lists about everything possible over not just the year but the decade on the whole.

Today is going to be a picture heavy post though. I'm writing this on the evening of November 20th and I just spent the last couple of hours sat in Brewdog trolling through ten years of pictures and picking one of me from each year to use in this post. It was a wide range of emotions going through all that, but I think it was worth it.

There is no particular rhyme or reason for each of these, they're not my favourite picture of the year and may not even necessarily encapsulate my memory of the year in one picture, but they're just a snapshot of my life at that time. Enjoy.

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