• James Hewlett

Therapeutic Friendship

I had a much needed catch up with a really good friend this evening. You know, one of those friends you might not speak to very often, barely ever see but you know that if you call or text and are feeling a bit shit they’ll be there.

Me and Gemma have been that for each other for like, fifteen years at this point and I bloody love the fact that after all that time nothing about our friendship has ever changed.

Normally it’s only one of us at any given time who is feeling low and in need of a pick me up. The other is always there and helps, but there have been times when it’s been a bit of an awkward situation. We’ll give our advice, sympathise but in the end it’ll be a case of, “Well shit dude, I don’t really know what to say because I’m kinda really happy right now.”

I think that’s why this evening was a little bit more refreshing for the both of us. We’re both going through it right now and as sad as the statement is, misery loves company. We were both able to bounce a our similar enough but not the exact same woes off each other and while neither of us was looking for an answer or in a position to give one, it was nice just getting it off our chests with a good friend who can relate.

We shot some dice for a bit while catching up and just doing something like that instead of going for a drink or even sitting and watching tv was really cool and relaxing.

It’s important to make effort with those friends. It doesn’t have to be much. It doesn’t have to be often. But just checking in now and then goes a long way.

I’ve got a good weekend ahead before going back to work on Monday. I’ll try and get Saturdays post up on time, I’ve been playing catch up the last few days.

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