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Thinking About What's Next

In yesterday’s post I mentioned consistency being key. That’s something that I heard somewhere when I first started my podcast way back when. It doesn’t matter what your release schedule is, daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. Just make sure that once you’ve established it you stick to it.

I think I’m pretty good with this, sure I’ll miss a day here or there and play catch up, but this has always been a project for me first and foremost so I feel like anyone who is reading every single post probably appreciates the odd one being up a day or two late.

If I was really trying to grow a larger audience of readers I would totally commit to a rigid schedule, but that’s not what this is.

It did get me thinking though, planning. I’ve still got plenty of time left with this project, about a year and a half in fact, so I’m in no hurry and as I’ve found in the last ten month, a lot a change.

I’ve been toying with what to do next though. 3 Years, 6 Months and 5 days came about as an extension to the year I did a one second every day video project between my twenty ninth and thirtieth birthdays. I know I am going to want to have some sort of creative outlet still once I finish up my daily writing.

I will probably still write, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it and continue to do so every time I put something out that I’m particularly proud of, but it won’t be daily. More likely it’ll be a few posts a week when I have something to say so I don’t have generic filler just because I’m sticking to a format.

The other project I’m thinking about currently is going back to podcasting. I’ve considered this for a long time now and come close to starting up a few different shows over the years. The thing that’s always prevented me from doing it, well one of the things anyway, is the lack of a consistent co-host that I can bounce off of and work with. I’m coming around to the idea, and it is so early days in my thinking about this without any real plans being made that this may all change or not happen at all, that I could host the thing myself and each episode bring in someone I know, or a guest, to discuss whatever topic I’ve chosen for that particular show.

I would aim to release an episode each week, as that is enough time to record, edit and publish. Especially if I am working in advance and prerecording episodes whenever I can. That’s easier said than done, but I feel like I could much better organise that kind of thing now.

All of these are just first thoughts. As I said, everything may change, hell its likely to! If nothing has in a year and a half I’ll be shocked!

That’s it, that’s my Friday night post written in bed. You know what. I’m not even going to publish this until tomorrow either because I’m sleepy. How contradictory am I!?

Don’t answer that. Night y’all.

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