• James Hewlett

This Isn’t Over Yet

This is going to just be a short PSA type post based on the latest from the British government.

This shit is far from done. While I’m glad that this wasn’t a broader reopening a lot of us feared, it’s still giving too much of a leash to the idiots who have been flagrantly ignoring or abusing the measures already in place.

So while some of you are going to be going back to work and your kids possibly back to school... if you don’t have to, don’t!

It sucks being in lockdown, we’re all itching to be able to get back out and do stuff more, but please stay the fuck at home unless you have to go out and do otherwise.

I’m glad that personally, even though I’m a key worker and could have had to be working throughout I don’t really need to think about that until retail starts opening back up, maybe not until hospitality is back too, we’ll see.

The best thing we can all do though, to help get out of this crap, as soon as possible for everyone, is to stay home, stay away from people you’ve not been isolating with and when you do have to go out you take every precaution possible.

It’s Sunday. I’m in the bath. Take it easy everybody, hasta mañana.


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