• James Hewlett

Time Dilation

Time is weird and I think it might be broken at the moment. It’s Wednesday today but for some reason it feels earlier in the week.

That’s not the weird part though, days of the week have lost all purpose and meaning to me at this point as I’ve mentioned before.

No the real weirdness today has been in what time of day it is!

It started out pretty normal, got up and worked out and then went and had lunch with Rae. I’d offered to run her to work to save getting on public transport.

When I got home from that I decided to finally play the game of Outer Rim is set up on Monday but not got around to playing. I’ve been so engrossed with Marvel Champions lately that I wanted to have another game of this board game that I got at the start of lockdown as it plays brilliant in solo mode.

After a couple of hours enjoying that I was done and checked the time; it was four in the afternoon. I don’t know why it surprised me much, I’d been playing for about two hours, but it just didn’t feel like that time. To me it seemed like it should be much earlier, like everything I’d done before playing the game had been a different day.

Anyway, because it was later than I expected I said to myself that I should get something productive done before relaxing again, so I cut the grass and tidied up a bit. Doing that whole listening to podcasts always makes it feel like longer has passed when in actual fact I can do it all in about twenty minutes so then spend a couple of hours watching Community and playing Control. Side note, it may be all the weird science in that video game that has me thinking time is broken.

So when Rae let me know at six that she had finished work earlier than expected I was thrown again, it now felt like I’d done loads of stuff in what had been a shorter amount of time!

We had some food and then took her neighbours dog for a walk around the common. The fact that it’s still so warm and light out in the evenings is amazing, I love it, but it’s not helping my grasp on time as it must have been nearly nine by the time we got back.

The distortion didn’t end there though. As it was such a nice evening Rae wanted to give the fire pit she also got recently a whirl so we sat out there transfixed by the same thing man has been obsessed with for millions of years.

All that evolution and the burning of wood is still one of the most mesmerising things. Amazing.

By now it’s half eleven and the last two hours have vanished.

The whole day feels like it’s had a director who loves speed ramping working on it, some moment have vanished in a blink, others have felt elongated.

I am super glad that I’m in a position to not worry or care about that at the moment, just go along with it and observe. I’ll try and get tomorrow’s post out on time, but that depends on if time allows me to!


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