• James Hewlett

Times Like These

What a wild few weeks it has been for the world huh!?

I’ve been really happy with my output on here this week so you’ll have to excuse a couple of sparse weekend posts.

So countries are getting locked down, more and more people each day are self isolating, stores are struggling to keep particular items in stock and there is just a general vibe seemingly everywhere you go.

The stock issues irritate me to no end as they’re completely avoidable and a self fulfilling prophecy brought about by irresponsible reporting and frankly pathetic response from a few bad haired ‘world leaders.’ It has become an unfortunate catch twenty-two of assholes and idiots panic buying and stockpiling causing limited supplies which in turn has made the people who would usually only buy sensible quantities of goods feel the need to pick up an extra pack or two when then can for fear that as this whole situation continues to get worse those items will be unavailable.

I have to say, as selfish as it is, I’m really glad that I had whatever it was I had. If it was just a viral respiratory tract infection or it was in fact the viral respiratory infection, it has past now and it is keeping any personal concern I may have had from ever surfacing.

That’s not to say the situation on the whole is t concerning though. It is looking more and more likely that the world at large is going to be getting a lot more closed off for a longer period than anyone is willing to admit at the moment and the whole thing is going to effect everyone. Maybe not medically, but financially, economically and sociologically the ramifications are going to be felt for years.

Relationships are going to be strained, a baby boom is likely, small businesses are going to go away and many many people are going to be struggling to pay bills, make rent and buy necessities.

But on the flip side it will give people a chance to reconnect with their loved ones. Spend more time with their immediate family, play games together, learn to love each other and appreciate one another instead of taking them for granted. I also believe that there will be a unification among people. If we had decent people in the highest positions of government around the world this is the sort of event that could start bringing everyone together but that is a pipe dream. The more realistic version of that is more localised; support systems in communities, neighbourhoods, parental groups, extended social circles, that kind of thing.

So for as disconnected as everyone is going to have to be for a time to help quell the spread, the connections on a different level that everyone makes will hopefully be more impactful and lasting beyond a horrible fucking flu virus.

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