• James Hewlett


I’ve written about lists before but I’m going to loop back around to it again today. I’m a big believer in a good to-do list. I use them for all sorts of things. I never make physical lists but my phone has tons on there.

They vary between a few daily tasks that I’m sure a I wouldn’t forget to do at this point but keep on there as helpful motivation to monthly, quarterly, annually, whateverually reminders of tasks I would more than likely completely forget otherwise.

I like having the structure of a to-do list but I don’t often make a complete check list of everything I need or want to do in a day. If there’s something important, sure, but general stuff I’m pretty good and getting sorted without it.

Occasionally though I will make a run down of everything I want to get done and as today is one of those days I figured I’d share it. Most of the tasks on there I would probably remember to do anyway, but by writing it down it frees me from having to think about it and can just get on with it automatically.

So this is what I want to get done, loosely in order, after I finish work today. It’s not exciting, but it will give me a nice sense of accomplishment as I check each thing off.

I know a lot of people who use lists in very different ways, I try to keep mine simple and add things that will get done. For me there is nothing worse than writing something down and it sitting there in perpetuity. At that point it’s like, why even put it on the list!?

Maybe those kind of things are okay in a way, long term goals and such, but I would need to put them on a separate list. Like how I’m not going to mix my shopping list with my to-do list.

I have a few different apps that I’ll use depending on what I’m doing. I personally really like the apple Reminders app on my phone for most things, I’ve got a bunch of different lists on there but I’ll also use the Alexa app for most of my shopping list as I can just talk to one of the devices in the house as I’m looking in my fridge and cupboards. There’s the Habit app which I keep to a minimum of self care things to do daily like working out and reading a book and then there’s Notes which is for a lot of everything else, things that aren’t necessarily ‘to-do’ but more thoughts and ideas or writing prompts.

It seems like a lot to juggle but it’s really not once you start using things however suits you best.

Anyway, I’m going to go finish work so I can get on with that list! Oh and if you were wondering why ‘Post today’s blog’ wasn’t on there it’s because I have a daily reminder at 8pm to “Write something, stupid!”

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