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To The Dump!

So the dumps... I’m sorry, the recycling centres, reopened yesterday and I didn’t want to waste time getting rid of the stuff from my spare room.

I also fully intended to do a few other runs getting rid of bits and bobs and my friend who was helping me clear stuff also needed to get rid of a bunch of rubbish from her garden that she’s been using this time to clear up too.

After sitting in line outside the dump for two hours on our first trip though we decided not to bother with anymore today. It was good fun though, playing a bunch of in car games and loudly singing and making other people laugh.

We also had an opportunity to video chat with Ed who’s birthday it is today.

Instead of more tip trips we decided to hit up the hardware and garden stores that have recently reopened. I picked up some pots to spread my chillis and coriander into when they’re big enough and a small fire pit to look nice and keep me warm when I want to sit outside. Rae wanted to get some more veg starters and a little greenhouse type dealio.

When I got back home the four of us; myself, Rae, Ed and Mitchell all played some Payday for Ed’s birthday and I’m now currently waiting for another game to download to play with the boys for a bit before hitting the hay.

Not much to this one today, just a bit of a ‘what I’ve been doing today’ type post.


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