• James Hewlett


Last year I bought an online course about architectural drawing for beginners. It’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time but never pursued, mostly due to my lack of artistic talent making me self conscious about my ability to get on with it, but the fact that it is mostly ruler based drawing works for me and after the encouragement of a couple of close friends I thought I’d finally get around to starting it.

The first step was getting all the supplies I needed! The course came with a very handy list of materials to pick up and despite none of it being crazy specific things none of them are things I have in my house anymore I so was picking it all up from scratch.

Don’t expect constant updates about how it’s going or anything, this is mostly something just for me as a hobby and to see how I get on with it and enjoy it. If anything else happens from that I’m sure it’ll come up.


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