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Toon Me

I went for a couple of drinks and wings with Teesh this evening. We try and do it every few weeks but this is the first chance we’ve had this year so it was cool catching up on all the whackiness that is our lives be it sensible grown up stuff, nerdy nonsense or just down right silly.

I’m making notes on a post that I think will be pretty good for sometime this week, but I’m not going to promise a particular day as I’m actually busy most evenings and might just have to just do a few recaps instead. If I get a chance for a decent break at work one day I’ll maybe make a dent in it but we’ll see.

Todays picture is, in my opinion, one of the coolest I’ve ever posted. There’s a trend going around instagram, mostly from talented artistic people, called #ToonMe where people are taking a picture of themselves, halving it and redrawing one half in whatever style they want. It’s super cool and I’ve loved seeing them from my artistically talented friends. One in particular stood out to me; Sam Farrer, a dude I’ve known for years, originally through a mutual friend, then as a customer at the comic shop and then just as a good friend in general despite him moving to Leeds years ago, posted a #ToonMe of himself and said he may be interested in doing a few others. I jumped at the chance and less than a day later he had done this one and a different colour scheme version too. I love it!

Ideally I’d love to see a few more of my friends have a crack at it too and compare all sorts of different styles, but I’d never ask them to do that without them asking first as its a lot of work if they’re not looking to do that sort of thing. Maybe they will, but until then I’m going to enjoy this one lots!

I’ll be back tomorrow. See you then.

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