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Training Daze

So on the same day I start my new job the government announces a new nationwide lockdown. I don’t know if it’s going to effect me yet, it certainly won’t cost me my job or anything, so I’m not worrying.

The sector of security in moving into is way more secure, no pun intended, than the previous one, so I’m certainly much better off.

This week I’ve just got my training course to get the specific license for my new role.

The course itself will likely be almost identical to the one I did when I started in security six years ago, with a few specific differences for the roles. The biggest change is that it is usually done in person but now is all online and from home.

Today was just an intro, meet the trainers and other people on the course kind of thing, it kicks off in earnest tomorrow.

I’ll probably write more tomorrow, either about the training or my thoughts on the latest lockdown but as I’m not feeling like turd in the oven at the moment I’m going to go to bed and hopefully get a good nights sleep.


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