• James Hewlett

Secret Origins

Less than a week ago I didn’t know I was going to do a podcast about the upcoming adaptation of Invincible.

Today I’ve recorded the first episode and by the time you’re reading this it has probably been released... though it might not be available yet because of the delay new shows always have while getting approved and what not.

The turnaround time has been super fun! I have to credit Ralph for doing all the hard work on this one, he’s been behind it all and I’ve just showed up to record.

It was kind of weird at first, we’ve only ever chatted a couple of times before and one of those times with at 2am outside Hall H of Comic Con so there was definitely some awkwardness but we just got to chatting and before long we had an episode down.

It was way more free form and conversational than Lonely Boiz Meets World, not to say that show isn’t, but we’ve got our format that we keep to even if the conversations go off the rails within that.

I really like the dichotomy between the two shows, they’re totally different and I think will keep each other fresh...

Now we just need a release date for Invincible on Amazon Prime and we can actually get recording regularly!


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