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My chilli pepper plants have been growing strong and as per the instruction they cane with it was about time I left it to just one singular plant to grow in that bucket.

I didn’t want to waste all the other seedlings who we’re looking healthy though, so I decided to transfer them to their own pots.

The ones I got are considerably smaller than the main one, and from digging them out I noticed the roots grow deep, so I’m not sure if they’ll thrive or not, but we’ll see. It was satisfying to do regardless, and hopefully they’ll grow well enough until they need to be transferred again.

Basically, I hope everyone wants a cayenne pepper plant or two for birthdays/Xmas this year, because that’s what you’re getting.

I got my desk chair built too and I’m very happy with how my work/recording space is looking and feeling now.

Oh, Farrer finished off some of the art assets for the podcast today which means we should be publishing very soon... here’s a little early look at the logo for you.


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