• James Hewlett

Vaguely Human

I wanted to feel vaguely human again today, I’m signed off all week but that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything.

I haven’t worked out in two weeks, actually closer to three, and I’m not enjoying that at all. I’m allowing myself to sleep and rest for as long as my body wants in the mornings, which is inevitably broken up by a gross coughing fit at around eight, eight thirty requiring me to go spit some shit into the toilet. Sometimes I’m able to get some rest again after that but usually I just sit in bed for a bit until I feel ready to face the day.

This morning when I eventually got up I decided to do a very light be of exercise, just to see where I was at physically after such a break. I did about a third of my usual number of reps with my weights and a quarter of the core training that I would normally do each day. I felt pretty wiped after just that but I am not going to push myself while I’m still trying to recover. It did feel good to get something done though.

I also had a proper shave for the first time in a week which really helped me feel human again. Having a pretty thick beard allows me to get away with having a bit more scruff so it didn’t look too bad, but I generally shave daily to keep everything looking tidy so I was definitely noticing it by the weekend. A nice hot shower afterwards was nice and helpful for clearing out some more of the cobwebs too.

This afternoon I started feeling quite anxious about not doing much so to occupy my mind a little a put the days podcasts on in my headphones and I cleaned all the glass of my big double doors in my living room. A pretty menial job and not one that took a long time, but it was enough to settle me down again and let me rest more comfortably.

I think that’s the key this week; do a little something but just enough and take plenty of rest in order to get rid of the last bits of this nasty virus.


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