• James Hewlett

Vitamin D

I originally had a tattoo appointment booked for this afternoon so today’s post would have likely have just been pictures of the latest additions. This was in place of one that had to be cancelled when I got sick though even if I had had that one it’s about the right amount of time for the next one anyway. I haven’t had anything new since January and it’s really annoying!

But, being safe and responsible is far more important at the moment so it was mutually agreed between me and my tattooist to cancel today’s and reschedule again once everything has settled down a little bit. Hopefully, for multiple reasons, that won’t be too long.

That left me with a day free to help out a friend and generally just relax.

I’ve been writing about serious stuff all week and I’m personally quite proud of all my output so instead of trying to muddle my way through a blog post where I don’t have anything new to add I’m just going to leave you with a picture of me soaking up some of the lovely sun we’ve had again today and getting some of that sweet natural vitamin d.

It’s easy to forget the good stuff in the world when everything seems to be going to shit around us all, but it’s important to take those moments, however brief they are, of peaceful contentness and enjoy them.


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