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I’ve written a lot about habits in the past, good ones, bad ones, other peoples and my own. As a definite creature of habit the subject is always interesting to me.

As you may know, I’ve not had a drop of alcohol for the past three months. This wasn’t done because of any particularly negative reasons, I had just found myself drinking more than usual at the start of lockdown and decided to take a break until it was over.

It’s worth noting that most years I’ll pick a month and not drink anyway, so it’s something I know I can do with relative ease. I had already done that this year though not through choice when I was really sick.

So when I decided to take a break it was originally going to be just for a month. Then my furlough got extended and extended again and I was committed so just stayed dry.

When the second extension to my furlough was then shortened there was a part of my that thought, ooh I could have a drink now, but I decided not to. I was approaching three months and finding it easy. I didn’t miss drinking, although I did and still do miss going to the bar on a quiet night and catching up with friends. Now before you say it, I know that I technically could do that again now but I personally don’t think it’s safe and would feel like a hypocrite if I was to do so at the moment.

When I hit three months I started thinking as I always do with streaks and habits. I’d gone three, why not go six?

There was a few days when I really considered that but today I thought about it more and decided no.

At this point I’m only not drinking because of the streak I have going. I never intended to go this long and I don’t want to never drink again, so I decided to pull the band-aid off now instead of going another three months and it feeling harder to do so.

So I’ve had a couple of gin and tonics this evening and it’s been very nice. I’m in no hurry to get loaded or drink all the time, but now and then, when the mood takes me, I can again without feeling like I’m ruining my streak.

So cheers!


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