• James Hewlett

Wake Up, Work Out

One of the benefits of being on furlough at the moment is the ability to get all my work out and exercise done in the morning, shortly after I wake up, as opposed to when I get home from work in the afternoon. Yes, I know technically there is nothing stopping me doing this all the time but I have to get up early enough for work as is and I don’t want to sacrifice an hour and a half in bed in the morning.

Working out in the morning is something I generally do at the weekend anyway so switching over to that hasn’t been much of a transition, it has just felt natural. If I’m at home after I’ve gotten up and out of bed, then I exercise.

The best part about it is then knowing that I can do whatever I want with the rest of my day without thinking in the back of my mind, oh I shouldn’t do this or that because I’ve still got my work out to do. It’s a self-inflicted guilt, but it is present nonetheless.

I’ve also found that if I get it done in the morning I am more likely to opt for a Huel for lunch instead of eating something that will likely be far less nutritious. One of those shakes is a complete meal and will easily tie me over until I have some dinner later on.

I would write more but I’m putting this one up late as it is actually Tuesday morning and I’m sat in bed writing before getting up and doing todays exercise. Later.

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