• James Hewlett

Walking In The Rain

I went to get my car today, it had been pretty terrible weather all day but had mostly dried up when I set off.

I made it about half way there before it came down, thankfully it didn’t go on too long. I still got pretty wet though.

It’s been nice getting these extra bits of exercise on top of my normal stuff. That’s three long walks within a week so far for me.

On the way there today I was reading through all the news that continues to break about the state of the British indie wrestling scene... the short story is it is an absolute mess and many, many of the top talent are being outed as varying degrees of scumbag for all sorts of disgusting reasons.

It’s an eye opener for a lot of that industry I think and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just an iceberg for a more widespread outing akin to the first big influx of the Me Too movement in Hollywood after Weinstein.

My car got sorted though, it was more expensive than anticipated as even though they didn’t manage to steal the part of my exhaust they were going for they did enough damage to it that a new one was required.

Not a lot I could do about that though.

I’ve got a security light arriving tomorrow that I’m going to screw in above my parking spot, hopefully it’ll never be needed but will be a deterrent in the future.


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