• James Hewlett


Holy shit WandaVision is so good.

I just finished watching the latest episode and we’re just over halfway through the season (series?) and it continues to not only subvert my expectations for what this show would be but also blow them away at every possible opportunity.

While The Mandalorian very much feels like a Star Wars TV show with the quality and production values of a movie, WandaVision feels like a Marvel movie that lends itself better to a tv show format based on the content.

I am not going to spoil the episodes that have already come out and I’m hesitant to speculate on what’s still to come because, while I have thoughts and theories, every time I think they’re going left they go right and I’m left blown away and loving it.

There is so much here for fans of the MCU and it is bringing elements of the entire franchise together seamlessly. We really are at a point where sequels aren’t really relevant with these movies, yes individual characters have them but really these movies are all just telling chapters not necessarily of one grander story but in a fully realised connected universe.

After thirteen years it is still absolutely staggering the feat that Kevin Fiege and the team he has built at Marvel Studios have been able to and continue to pull off, now on a weekly basis.

They have fully captured what makes comic book universes, Marvel’s in particular, so special and have completely translated it from the pages of comic books to live action movies and tv shows.

Based on my, now about a decade out of date, knowledge of the Marvel comic book universe I know where I would like to see this show wrap up but I am so in for the ride and cannot wait to see what happens next week on another exciting episode of WandaVision! (And yes that was a cheesy wrap up on purpose.)


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