• James Hewlett

Watchalong Streams

My friend Mitchell has been streaming a lot recently, get decided to use lockdown as an excuse to start doing it after talking about it for some time. He’s on twitch and has just started getting enough followers that he’s able to see a little money coming in from it.

I’m really proud of him, sitting on your ass and playing video games all day could easily be a waste of time and for a lot of us that is it’s intended purpose, but he’s doing it in a productive way and I’m always happy to help.

The whole process has shown me that I definitively have no interest in doing it myself and would much rather make recorded, edited and released content but the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

I’ve jumped on and been a part of his streams whenever we’ve been playing Payday or Uno or anything else like that but today Mitchell has the idea of doing something a little different. He wanted to do a simultaneous watchalong of Wrestlemania 19 from 2003.

Unfortunately I was the only one of our friends who was available to do it with him but I was definitely up for it. That event was right in a time period I have little knowledge of as I hadn’t been watching any wrestling for a few years and wouldn’t jump back on for over a decade to follow.

It was a really fun experience, not too dissimilar to actually watching wrestling with Mitchell in person and the fact that he was able to stream his side of it and our conversations throughout was cool and gave him some content for the evening.

We’ve got plans for a podcast in the not too distant future and the idea is that we’ll livestream the recording of it and then tighten that up in the edit before releasing it through traditional means. I’m really looking forward to that and because it will be myself, Mitchell and Ed it means the burden won’t be solely on me to keep the whole thing afloat.


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